Props can be as important as characters, sometimes even more. Often though, current scanning technologies fall short on delivery. For that reason, we have invested in the development of our DEDICATED PROP SCANNER, the IBN.

Our LiDAR and our SPC-HD systems work exceptionally well for larger objects. From helicopters to buses, life size statues to arm chairs, our foundational scanning and texture photography delivers.

Our IBN PROP SCANNER provides an equally effective tool for medium to small objects. A dedicated scanning solution to accurately and efficiently capture the finer details. Easily adjustable, the system can contract or expand based on the size of the object, providing a hi-res capture with textures no matter the size.

We can confidently state, ‘We have the technologies to scan all sizes of objects and props’.



Using LiDAR combined with texture photography, we provide accurately scaled hi-res 3D meshes and textures. Our team brings the expertise to scan buildings of all shapes and sizes.



Vehicles are our speciality. Our team expertly captures fine details, orchestrates multi-vehicle scans, tackles boats in water, all while ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the process. 



With the addition of our dedicated prop scanner, we have the right technology to scan all props, irregardless of their size or complexity. We treat props as importantly as we do talent.



From base scans for prosthetics, to capes and masks for superhero’s, our team works with you and your team to capture exactly the right data for realistic and functional costumes.