Rooted in photogrammetry and enhanced with the accuracy and consistency of structured light capture, our system captures the data, no matter the complexity of the subject.

Utilizing more than 160 continuous auto sync HD cameras, our SPC-HD ensures accurate and timesaving on-set scanning. With multiple captures in .5 seconds, our scanner is ideal for animal and younger talent.

The SPC-HD is both production and talent friendly. Packed in just a few cases with a small footprint, we can setup in approx. 2hrs. Offering indoor, outdoor and mobile options, we are able to adapt to each productions specific and unique needs.


The latest innovation from our R&D team: Our SPC-HD with integrated Facial Scanner.

With dedicated and adjustable cameras, our system provides a single scanner solution to acquire both HI-RES FACIAL and FULL BODY CAPTURES with a single scan. Our complete system reduces the time, resources and space required for scanning, allowing talent and crews to focus on filming.



Our team quickly and effortlessly guides all talent through the scanning process. We are zen masters at creating a seamless and expedited experience.



From kittens to owls, dogs to cougars, our non-blinding, quiet, multiple capture .5 seconds scan, is ideal for capturing animals of all species. 



With our extension kit, we quickly adapt our SPC-HD to accommodate large animals, capturing the same level of detail as an A-list actor.


The mobility of scanning is now a reality with our mobile scanning and photography unit, named “Maximum Effort”.

Combining the ease and versatility of having a photogrammetry booth and a photography studio all on wheels, means we can go where the action is. Whether its on a city street, on a gravel road out in the country or up on the hills in the mountains, this ease to bring scanning to location, is a production friendly tool that is makes everything easier with less logistics.


We offer 360 degree photography to capture every angle for full character coverage. Our high-resolution images are captured in both specular and cross-polarized formats throughout the sequence. The images are shot in controlled studio lighting. Provided in raw format, the images give you further detailed output for developing texture maps and colour accurate material reference.


Our talented in-house team of modelers has one goal, to efficiently deliver assets of the highest quality. The team follows a precise pipeline, including a mandatory QA review, to ensure you receive exactly what you ordered. With a dedicated and responsive communications team and flexible modes of delivers, we provide end-to-end service. We know the job is not complete until we deliver.