Industrial Pixel’s LiDAR 3D scanning system delivers unparalleled detail and accurately scaled sets and environments, along with high resolution textures. Our system provides a flexible environment scanning solution. We can either scan in concert with, or outside of, shoot schedules.


LiDAR data can be combined with photogrammetry to provide accurately scaled environments and sets with high resolution textures. We capture high resolution environment textures to supplement set lidar scans.

Using the right lens to match the scope and purpose of the scan, we fully capture every angle of your set. We mirror the photography with the lidar capture to produce a 360 degree bracketed coverage to accompany the lidar scans, providing a complete texture solution.



Whether you’re looking for an interior of a train station or a fully dressed bedroom set, our team has the experience and skill to capture every detail.



Our LiDAR system is efficient and accurate to the millimeter. We’ve scanned jungles to metropolitan city streets, environments are our speciality.



Our system is highly portable and requires a single technician. We are ready to capture any set or landscape, large or small, anywhere in the world.


Our system provides point cloud to 3D geometry accuracy. The output can be used as a visualization tool, camera tracking, full CG set creation or as backup in situations where sets or environments are temporary and require recreation at a later date.

The captured point cloud is aligned and converted to 3D mesh. Our process provides a highly accurate point cloud and 3D geometry with texture reference ensuring that sets and environments are captured accurately.