Welcome to Industrial Pixel

Specializing in 3D Scanning and On-set Data collection

Industrial Pixel Visual Effects specializes in Cyber-scanning, Lidar, HDRI and Cross Polarized Photography. We are your “go to” company to support your production.

Services by Industrial Pixel Visual Effects have been used in numerous feature film visual effects and TV productions. We take pride in providing the best service for our customers. We offer unparalleled accuracy and quality in our Raw Scan data as well as photo-realistic “animation ready” characters.

Industrial Pixel offers our clients the highest quality Data Capture and 3D Body or Object Scanning. Our 3D scanning and Photogrammetry services can scan just about everything from small objects to people, boats, cars, military hardware, buildings and even city blocks! We are PORTABLE and can be on location, setup and quickly scanning and just as important, cost effective.

Our service is fully supported by the Canadian FILM TAX CREDIT system, as well as Louisiana and Georgia FILM TAX CREDITS, saving you more on your budgets!


“You guys were great, Jack was outstanding.”

William Marlett
VFX Production Supervisor "X-men Apocalypse"

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“Thank you - give any potential clients my contact email if you like - you guys did an AMAZING job! Please pass my thanks along to your crew!”

Gayle Busby
VFX Producer "RoboCop"

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Cyber Body Scan
Our body scanners are fully portable that can be set up onsite in just over an hour allowing production the flexibility to scan more in less time. Our 3D Raw Scan Data provides superior accuracy and resolution.

Lidar Scanning
Our Lidar 3D scanning technology delivers unparalleled detail on objects, scenes or sets. Our system provides point cloud to mesh accuracy and color data, not commonly associated with older Lidar systems.

Photo Realistic Character Visualization
Beginning with our Raw Scan data, our digital sculpting teams work in closely with vendors to create digital models that are Photo-Realistic with 8K textures. We ensure our models provide pixel to point registration with a cost effective process from scan to animation.

Production Friendly
Industrial Pixel’s talented 3D scanning and modeling teams are dedicated to one providing the best quality product. This includes our availability on and off set to accommodate productions changing schedules and needs.