We are proud to introduce our newest tool in full body cyber scanning: Structured Photogrammetry Capture  (SPC-HD).

Combining different methods of scanning allows Industrial Pixel to create specular and non-specular 16k textures from photogrammetry, with the accuracy and resolution of structured light. We developed this scanning system based on our customers’ technical requirements and request for accuracy to scan actors, animals, and props with just a 0.5-second scan time. It can also be used to scan props, animals and objects, large and small, simple to complex.


Our system is portable, fast and accurate.

Unlike traditional photogrammetry systems that are confined to an off-set location or on-set versions which may take hours or days to set up, our system only takes 1.5-hours to set up on site. It can be packed into just a few cases, which makes shipping our system simple and affordable. It has been shipped all across North America and across the globe from Hawaii, South Africa, and New Zealand. If needed, we can even set it up in a truck for a mobile full body scanning. .

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We capture high resolution detailed images of each character and prop

We offer 360 rotation photography, with 45 degree increments to cover every angle for full character coverage. Our high resolution images are both specular and cross polarized and are captured  simultaneously throughout the sequence.


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Our Portfolio is our promise

We have successfully delivered our services to award winning movies all over the world. Each project has its own unique needs and our team can deliver results.