We capture high resolution detailed images of each character and prop

We offer 360 rotation photography, with 45 degree increments to cover every angle for full character coverage. Our high resolution images are both specular and cross polarized and are captured  simultaneously throughout the sequence.

We are experts at capturing high resolution and detailed prop photography from top to bottom.  Our close up lens allows us to capture the finest material in the greatest detail


We capture high resolution images in exact placement as lidar scans

Using your choice of with 35mm or 50mm prime full frame lenses we capture 360 45 degree increments of your set. We can position our camera in the same areas as the lidar so you can have a complete 360 degree scan to accompany your lidar scan for a complete texture solution.


We aim to capture within flat light conditions or true lighting matches to create the best texture possible for your digital environment.


Sliding Image Sliding Image

Our Portfolio is our promise

We have successfully delivered our services to award winning movies all over the world. Each project has its own unique needs and our team can deliver results.