Industrial Pixel’s LiDAR 3D scanning technology delivers unparalleled detail for objects, scenes or sets.

Our system provides point cloud to mesh accuracy and colour data, not commonly associated with older LiDAR systems. LiDAR data can be combined with photogrammetry to provide accurately scaled environment, set, or object with high resolution textures. The captured point clouds can be converted to mesh for modeling, used as a visualization tool, or as backup in situations where sets or environments are temporary and require recreation at a later date.


We provide accurately scaled environments, sets or objects with high resolution textures

By utilizing Industrial Pixel Lidar services, scanning and modeling buildings, cars, aircraft, trucks, interior spaces or precise fully mapped 3D sets s no longer a costly time consuming procedure. Our process provides a highly accurate point cloud with COLOR reference ensuring that sets and larger props are captured accurately

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Vehicles and Aircraft

Floating Boats

Onset Scanning


We capture high resolution images in exact placement as lidar scans

Using 35mm or 50mm prime full frame lenses, we capture 360 45 degree increments of  the lidar subject.  Positioned to mirror the lidar scan area, we provide a complete 360 degree photography solution to accompany the lidar scan for a complete texture output.

Photography can be captured within flat light or true lighting condition to create accurate textures for your digital environment.



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Our Portfolio is our promise

We have successfully delivered our services to award winning movies all over the world. Each project has its own unique needs and our team can deliver results.