Industrial Pixel’s Structured Light Scanning technology acquires accurate information, efficiently and affordably.

Structured Light scanning has its roots in the automotive engineering world where accuracy is of the utmost importance. Combining high resolution photography, our PORTABLE and EFFICIENT systems allow us to start scanning shortly after arriving on set. Our systems provide industry standard ACCURACY and works in challenging environments. The structured light scanning is useful on both large and small volumes and is ideal for props and those challenging, hard to capture, elements.


We understand the needs of production, and collecting digital assets efficiently is key to our success. We bring you the very best in quality and service.

At Industrial Pixel, we have many different scanning solutions. Since we are not locked to any single 3D scanning technology, we are able to provide the correct scanning solution taking into account an object’s size, reflectivity and complexity. From our vast experience of working in the 3D scanner industry, we bring a wealth of knowledge to ensure the job is done right. So whether you need a full body scan, a fingerprint or just general volumetric measurements, we provide the methods, techniques and technologies to meet your specifications.


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Our Portfolio is our promise

We have successfully delivered our services to award winning movies all over the world. Each project has its own unique needs and our team can deliver results.