In February 2020, as evidence of the spread of COVID-19 became clearer, we initiated our COVID-19 Task Force.


Our first focus was to securely and seamlessly shift our operations remotely to enable our team to safely work from home. We completed the preparations by early March. Our first COVID-19 Safety Plan which was published and trained out on March 12, 2020. Our team was set up to securely work remotely by mid March.


We continued the process by executing and implementing a risk management process for our full operations. We analyzed all touch points and processes. We developed our risk elimination and mitigation processes, expanded our living IPVFX COVID-19 Safety Plan and implemented our “Educate, Train, Implement and Repeat” protocols to ensure sustainability and effective execution.


From company issued PPE, COVID-19 Prevention & Awareness job aids and training, ‘Fit For Work’ self-monitoring processes and tracking, elevated sanitization procedures and implementation of our IPVFX ‘Scanning Bubble’, we can confidently state…



We Prioritize Your Safety

 We are constantly and actively evaluating the information available
from governments, health agencies, industry associations and organization,
to ensure we are doing what needs to be done
to control the spread of the virus,
while ensuring we efficiently and safely deliver
the services required of each and everyone of
our clients and production.

Icon One COVID-Safety Plan


Integrating guidelines published by the WHO, CDC, OSHA, Health Canada, Public Health Ontario, BCCDC, Actsafe, NSW Heath (AUS) and numerous industry associations, we have developed and implemented our Industrial Pixel VFX COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Icon Two Contact Free Scanning


From our IPVFX character “scanning bubble”, to “safe drop off” prop scanning, and our flexibility to capture environments outside of shoot schedules, our services are designed to seamlessly adapt to provide contact free 3D on-set capture.

Icon Three Production Readiness


Our Safety Plan is designed to integrate each productions specific COVID-19 requirements. We pro-actively work with you to efficiently and accurately capture the 3D data, leveraging our small footprint and single operator services.


Our COVID-19 Safety Plan includes remote, office, travel and on-set procedures with the goal of creating a healthy and safe work environment for all our co-workers, clients and larger production teams.


CHARACTER AND TALENT SCANNING: Our production and talent friendly SPC-HD system has effortlessly been modified to create a “Safety Bubble” for all your talent scanning needs. With a small footprint, flexible 2hr setup options, we can effortlessly adapt to each productions specific and unique needs. With the addition of continuous sanitization and visual physical distancing measures, we create a sanitized and isolated “safety bubble” to ensure contactless scanning service for all talent and crew.


PROP AND OBJECT SCANNING: We offer multiple options to ensure contact free scanning of props and objects. From scanning services outside production facilities to “bubble side” drop off procedures for on-set scanning, we have the devised systems to safely and efficiently scan any object.


ENVIRONMENT AND SET SCANNING: The independent nature of LiDAR technologies provides the option of capturing data outside of shoot schedules. Single operator technology limits the resources required to capture the digital assets which have become even more important in the time of COVID-19.


Our economical and efficient services enable to you to scan unlimited 3D assets archived for current or future use, giving you the peace of mind during uncertain times.