Structured Photogrammetry Capture

We are proud to introduce our newest and latest tool in Full Body Cyber Scanning. Using the power of STRUCTURED LIGHT, PHOTOGRAMMETRY and CROSS-POLARIZED LIGHTING, we have combined them all into one complete and efficient scanning tool!

Developed by our R&D team from customers’ requirements and requests for efficiency and accuracy, we have developed our own scanning system that can scan actors, animals and props in 1/2 SECOND scan time. The advantage of combining the different methods of scanning is being able to create specular and non-specular 16k TEXTURES from Photogrammetry, plus the ACCURACY and RESOLUTION of Structured Light.

Our SPC system is a truly Global tool in its versatility and flexibility that has been shipped all across North America and even to Hawaii, South Africa and New Zealand. We can even set it up in a truck for mobile full body scanning. It truly is a portable and complete scanning system.

Our advanced SPC system only takes 1-Hour to Set Up and can be packed into just a few cases which makes shipping our system very simple and affordable. Unlike traditional photogrammetry systems that are either confined to an off-set location OR can take hours, if not days, to set up on location, we can be set up and scanning in a short time. In addition, because we are using the strengths of different scanning technologies, our advanced scanner, no longer requires hair nets or dulling powders to get the right look and volume.

Our PORTABLE and EFFICIENT systems allow us to start scanning shortly after arriving on set. Our systems provide industry leading ACCURACY and works in almost any challenging environment.


“The two most remarkable qualities about Industrial Pixel are integration and adaptability. Ron’s team was part of the crew and didn’t require any additional “babysitting”. I could show them what needed to be scanned, and then comfortably leave them to do their business knowing they knew their way around set and understood set etiquette. What this meant for me on Warcraft was that our scanning requirements weren’t a problem to be solved. I could detail our needs and Industrial Pixel came with the solution that fit into our schedule, regardless of time of day or weather. ”

Anton Agerbo
VFX Coordinator, Warcraft

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We understand the needs of production. We bring you the very best in quality and service. Your satisfaction is our main goal.

We have the right solution to meet your budget and time frame.

Now you can create an entire LIBRARY of all the sets, heritage locations, vehicles and building facades, including props and complicated environments, reducing overall modeling time; at the same time increasing accuracy and realism.

BIG or small, we have scanned all sorts of different sets, props, vehicles and environments and have the experience to get it done right the first time.

Actual SPC Scans